Mike Leonard & Associates


Expert Consulting & Investigation
We provide complete "fact finding" services. We will recover, collect, and evaluate evidence. We will conduct interviews when appropriate. And most importantly, we will provide a comprehensive report that displays the evidence in such a way as to eliminate confusion from the proceedings.

Expert Testimony
We have the experience and court acceptance to render professional opinions in matters of financial crime. We understand the nuances of financial crime and know the value of the evidence when conducting a fraud examination and presenting the results in a court setting.

Litigation Support
We will assist in the strategic planning of your case. Knowing what is obtainable and provable is a lard part of helping the client set reasonable expectations for the outcome.

Preparation is everything in presenting a financial crime in court. We will help you understand which questions to ask and what the response should look like. We know how and where to look for records and other forms of evidence. And we will create clear and concise exhibits to fully explain points that need to be made in court.

Determination of Loss & Asset Recovery
It is often difficult to know how much money is involved in a financial matter. People conceal records in an effort to deceive. Often these cases extend over many years and the records can be difficult to obtain. And in some cases, internal records are falsified as part of a continuing effort to mislead the client.

Once a thorough examination has been completed, the hiding place of the assets is usually discovered. Once assets have been located, recovery can begin. We are able to assist with this aspect of the process.

Evidence Recovery & Collection
Evidence in financial cases can exist in many places. Audit trails and records last for years in a financial institution and even longer in public records. Internal records such as company books and personal documents are much more short-lived an difficult to find. These internal records are subject to manipulation by the people in question. Records are often kept on computers and other electronic media and therefore must be collected quickly to avoid destruction. Additionally, these records and other evidence must be collected in a manner to allow their admissibility in court. Our team has expertise in this asrea and can provide a better outcome for your case.